Leiria Rally 2 Gold Challenge

Competition integrated in the usual course developed in the Municipal Stadium of Leiria, destined only to R5 category models and with monetary prizes for the first three classified in the total value of € 15.000. A challenge for drivers along a course with thousands of spectators and great competitiveness.


The new date of the event, from 13th to 16th October, allows to gather, once again, the best Portuguese rally drivers in Leiria in the Rally 2 Gold Challenge, the only competition in Portugal with prize money (same as in 2019). This year this prize will also be extended to those participating in the classic sports cars competition. Pedro Ortigão, from XRacing is responsible for creating the R2 Gold Challenge where the best drivers will be behind the R2 wheel.

We highlight the presence, at the last edition in 2019, of:

Ricardo Teodósio - National Rally Champion 2019 | Skoda fabia R5

Pedro Meireles - Winner of the Leiria R5 Gold Challenge 2019 and National Champion of Rallies | VW Polo R5

Miguel Campos - European Vice-Champion and National Champion of Rallies| Skoda Fabia R5

António Dias | Skoda Fabia R5

Rui Madeira - Gr N World Cup Winner | Ford Fiesta R5

Gonçalo Figueiroa | Ford Fiesta R5

António Monteiro | Peugeot 208 R5 T16

Pedro Leal | Skoda Fabia R5

Valter Gomes | Skoda Fabia R5

Pedro Antunes | Skoda Fabia R5

Paulo Antunes | Skoda Fabia R5


Os Pilotos

Em 2017 o Slalom/Super Especial contou com os carros e pilotos que fizeram a história do Rally de Portugal. Destacamos a presença nestas últimas edições dos pilotos:

  • Markku Alén
  • Miki Biasion
  • ...
  • Didier Auriol
  • Ricardo Moura
  • Ricardo Porém
  • Valter Gomes
  • Ramiro Fernandes
  • Ari Vatanen
  • Rui Madeira
  • Ricardo Porém
  • Manuel Gião
  • António Rodrigues
  • Elisabete Jacinto

Characteristics of the Leiria Rally 2 Gold Challenge 2022

• Competition exclusive to R5 vehicles according to the homologation form;    

• Possibility of each car to have two drivers      

• 3.6km track;  

• Each driver will cover about 18km divided into five heats, two qualifying and three classification;

• For classification, the best time between the three qualifying heats will be counted;       

• The classification monetary prizes will be divided as follows:

1st Qualified


2nd Qualified


3rd Qualified


Developed by the Leiria City Hall in partnership with X Racing, the Leiria R2 Gold Challenge is back in this edition. This is a competition integrated in the usual track developed in the Municipal Stadium of Leiria, only for models of the R5 category. A challenge to the drivers along a course with thousands of spectators where great competitiveness is expected.

To register please contact Pedro Ortigão from XRacing: pedro.ortigao@xracing.pt

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