In an edition marked by heat, in 2023, the public did not miss the call and there were more than 70,000 people who did not miss the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the event organized by Município de Leiria.

The celebration of Leiria Sobre Rodas’ 10th anniversary was a success. From Leiria to the World, the roar of the engines was the attraction so that the people of Leiria and thousands of visitors did not miss a hint of the event, from the sporting component to the themed exhibitions, rides and gymkhana.

If the timed aspect crowned the British Kris Meeke as the winner of the Leiria Rally2 Gold Challenge and Gonçalo Henriques in the competition dedicated to Rally4 vehicles, the truth is that there were many more in both the relative competition 7th CIR S Leiria Motorshow and the Electric Challenge They ended up delighting the thousands who gathered near the Dr. Magalhães Pessoa Stadium, in Leiria.

However, the increasingly beloved Leiria Sobre Rodas was not just about time trial competitions. In terms of rides, it was the Vintage Motorbikes that ended up bringing together the largest number of participants (260), followed by the Vespa Ride which brought together 250 participants. The Classics Tour brought together 40 participants, with vehicles from the 40s to the 80s, while the Harley-Davidson tour brought together a total of 70 motorcycles. The Vintage Bicycle Tour was a success, bringing together more than 160 bicycles, while the Mini-Honda tour had more than 40 participants.

When it comes to exhibitions, super sports cars continue to be a real attraction, and the presence of a LaFerrari from the Ferrari Owners Club ended up standing out, in an event where real machines were on display, such as the three original DTM vehicles.

To finish the summary of a weekend of motoring passion for the whole family, highlight the revival that was watching the conversation about Formula 1 between João Carlos Costa and Pedro Lamy. The different gatherings (Rallies, All-Terrain and Mountain) were a success, with many people heading to the venue to listen to the voices of the experienced drivers who made up the panel.

The Event

O Evento

2022 signals the return of LEIRIA SOBRE RODAS to the format that made the event popular, from 13th to 16th October, in Leiria.

However we make a false start with the 2nd edition of AVENIDA ELÉTICA (ELECTRIC AVENUE) on 18th September in the Open Air Base Day of BA5 - Monte Real with the objective of promoting

The biggest change, without ever losing sight of the Stadium, will be the new location of the EXHIBITION OF CLASSIC AND SPORTS CARS, which will now occupy the lawn of the Almoinha Grande Garden on the other bank of river Liz. The EXHITION will feature the following thematic exhibitions: 50 years of RENAULT 5, 50 years of BMW's 'M' Division, ASTON MARTIN, PORSCHE racing cars in Portugal and a re-edition of the 2017 Micro Cars exhibition. In the Exhibition of Classic Motorcycles and Bicycles you can appreciate the most beautiful models of the Portuguese industry with special emphasis on CASAL and FAMEL.

The SUPERCARS PADDOCK will once again display all premium brands represented in Portugal in a space that will include a lounge to welcome customers and participants in the Parades of the brand Clubs. In the space next to this you will be able to keep track of the latest this space, you will be able to keep up with latest in the automobile world at LEIRIA EXPO AUTO with all the brands represented in Leiria.

On the 15th and 16th of October the city comes to life again with the PARADE of Scooters, Old Motorcycles, Mini-Hondas and Classic cars guided by the famous Traffic Policeman.

The MOTORSHOW returns with the National Rally occasion and the race for glory of the national champion in the LEIRIA RALLY 2 GOLD CHALLENGE, the Classics Sports Cars competition will have prize money, rewarding the local drivers and the International Driver invited will entertain on a new track. The Drift Show will, for the first time, feature an international driver.

As you can see, there are many reasons to visit us in Leiria and enjoy a unique experience! We are waiting for you.

Exhibition of Historic and Sports Cars

The start of LEIRIA SOBRE RODAS dates back to 2014 with the exhibition of classic and sports cars. In its first edition it gathered more than 300 vehicles inside the Stadium, and more than 25 000 people visited the event. From that year to date more than 3 000 classic and sports cars and motorbikes participated in the EXHIBITION where we highlight the presence, of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing, more than 50 cars of the 1910s, 20s, 30s and 40s, Super Sports cars – the Porsche Carrera GT, Ford GT, LA FERRARI, Lamborghini Aventador, Mclaren Mp4-12c and an Aston Martin GT12 of which 20 were manufactured. Every year, we highlight in the exhibition several celebrations of iconic brands and models, such as, the 60th anniversary of the launch of FIAT500, the 85th anniversary of Ford in Portugal, the 25th anniversary of VW Ar Clube de Portugal, 70th anniversary of Porsche, (2018) 70th anniversary of Land Rover, 50th anniversary of Ford Escort, VW Kombi and the central exhibition of Single Seaters with history; (2019) 120th anniversary of Renault, 100th anniversary of Citroen, 60th anniversary of Mini.

In this 7th edition we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of RENAULT 5, 50th anniversary of the BMW 'M' Division, ASTON MARTIN, PORSCHE racing cars in Portugal and the re-edition of the Micro Cars exhibition.